Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas has put a modern spin on traditional window treatments. We’re proud to carry their products, some of which include:

  • Silhouettes/Nantuckets: This product line combines a shade and blinds in one product by suspending fabric   vanes between two sheer fabric facings. The vanes can be rotated to control degree of privacy and amount of light.
  • Pirouettes: Hunter Douglas’ Pirouettes consist of horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. Like the Silhouettes, the Pirouettes can be adjusted to control privacy and light.
  • Vignette Modern Roman Shades: Whether your room is casual or formal, Vignette shades will complement   either. Made from fabric, the shades fold into pleats when they are compressed. The Vignettes are available   with a top-down or bottom-up lifting system.
  • Luminettes: These privacy sheers filter out UV rays and offer privacy while still allowing light into your room.


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